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Why you should leave your wife home when going fishing
Why women really do rule the world.

A husband who took his wife out on a little lake to teach her how to fish. When they finished and got back home, the neighbor asked her how she did. The wife replied, “Well, I am not sure. According to my husband, I did everything wrong. First, he said I was moving around too much in the boat. Then he said I was talking too much and chased the fish away. Next, he made fun of the way I baited the hook. Lastly, he said ugly words to me because I didn’t wait long enough before reeling in my line. I guess I am not a fisherman, but I did catch more fish than he did.”



Past Time Fishing Club

Only a limited number of people will be able to join

What is it?
Sail on the Past Time at a greatly reduced price for you and your family and friends.

Membership is just $50 to join for one year.  BUY IT NOW  If you don't want to sign up online or have any other questions please call 386-416-9059 Your daily fishing rate is $39 for Weekends and just $35 weekdays.  Our regular fare is $65.

How it works
We will contact you via email a minimum of 20 times per year. 5 weekend and 15 weekdays. We will most likely contact you many more times than that, but we guarantee at least 20. Your membership gives you the right to bring on friends and family with you at your membership price. We will contact you from one day to one week to one month in advance of a fishing club eligible date. Whoever responds first will get the seats. We are licensed for 149 people and we have 112 fishing spots on the boat so we almost always have plenty of room.

Thursday September 6 we only have 10 people scheduled and the weather looks good. On Monday we send out an email for 50 open club members spots on the trip. We will send out invitations to all club members. The first 50 to respond, guests included, will be allowed to come out at the club member price.

Don’t worry about not getting your money’s worth. We sail 200 plus days a year. We guarantee 20 times but we anticipate offering it many many more times.

ALL CONTACT IS DONE VIA EMAIL. If you don’t check your email regularly then the fishing club is not for you.

Being a club member doesn’t prevent you from coming out any time you like but you only get the discount when you are invited. Not to be combined with any other discounts. Good for daytime regular fishing trips only
*No shows. If you book a club member spot and you don’t show without giving us 24 hours notice, your membership may be revoked. We are a family run business, not a big unfeeling corporation and understand that sometime things come up, but please try to only respond when you know you can make it.
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